If you are heading towards the city Accra, then stop a while to know the various look-up points this city owns. The city is a wonderful city that refers to the Accra Metropolitan Area.

Visit this city that serves as the capital of Ghana. This stunning district is within the jurisdiction of the Accra Metropolitan housing tons of attractions for tourists.

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 Labadi Beach Ghana 

Labadi Beach is a popular tourist attraction located near Teshie in Ghana which is also known as La Pleasure Beach. Visit this gorgeous destination near the beach’s location in the Greater Accra region that is one of the busiest tourist destinations in Ghana. Make a trip here to this place which is one of the most charming beaches in Africa soaked with both locals and foreign tourists all year long. 

Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum 

Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum is a memorial park which is dedicated to an important Ghanaian leader Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. This huge park is situated in the capital city of Ghana in Accra. This stunning park is named after the personality who led the nation to independence from Great Britain here which was then known as the Gold Coast. This place is where the Nkrumah announced independence on 6th March 1957. 

Osu Castle 

Osu Castle is a colonial-era building which is located on the northeastern part of the Atlantic Oceans on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea. This site is settled in the town of Osu in Accra which is the capital city of Ghana. Visit this site and look for the castle that was originally a fort built in the 1660s by the Danes and Norwegians. 

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National Museum of Ghana 

The national museum of Ghana is located in Ghana which is a nation with an impressive history courting back thousands of years. Visit this largest museum in the country to observe the history of the area which is the one most popular with tourists. This site was incorporated in 1957 and displays the collection including great artifacts from history. 


The Village of Nzulezo is a small village that overlooks Lake Tadane in the Jomoro District. This village is located about 90 km in the Western part of Ghana to the west of Takoradi. The village still supports a water settlement that was nominated in 2000 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nzulezu is a major tourist attraction in Ghana. 

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Accra International Conference Centre 

Accra International Conference Centre, AICC, is one of the few places in Ghana that hosts exhibitions and events. The conference center is located in the capital city of Accra in Ghana. This site is much larger as compared to the National Theatre however this site is smaller than the Ghana Trade Fair Centre hosting pan-African events. 

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