Harihar Fort Trek


The ancient site located near Nashik Harihar fort is the most thrilling thing to visit. It’s a must-see for avid nature enthusiasts and adventurers. The lush green surroundings and breathtaking views provide a relaxing dose for those who love trekking. This is the reason why this is one of the most popular places for a trip in Maharashtra. The highest point at the top of Harihar fort, you’ll enjoy a stunning view of nature’s beauty from the top of the hill. It is also possible to visit the other forts around Nashik. It’s quite challenging climbing Harihar fort, despite its size and narrowness.

The fort, which is a bit of a challenge, is situated within the Trimbakeshwar mountain ranges. The Yevada Dynasty built the fort in the period between in the ninth and fourteenth century. This fort was of vital importance in stopping trade routes across Gonda Ghat. Gonda Ghat.

The fort was heavily attacked and was seized by numerous attackers before it was taken over by the British Army who took control of it.

The fort is now exclusively utilised for hiking. To reach the fort, you will have to climb a flight of steps cut into the rock.


The distinctive feature of this Harihar Fort Trek is that it appears to be rectangular when viewed from the village at its base. But, it’s linked to a triangular piece of rock. That’s the attraction in this particular fort. The rock’s edges are vertical, which helps make the fort unique. The vertical steps make this fort distinctive and the most sought-after in areas of Sahyadri Range. Although the hike isn’t too long it can be quite challenging due to its design. It is important to have guidance to complete this hike. The rock-cut steps that comprise the final 200 feet, with an elevation of 80 degrees make for a terrifying experience. Because of the steep climb and the 500-foot drop at a certain point, the descent is exciting. This unique staircase is both unique and impressive. The panorama from the valley beneath is stunning and can be a bit frightening.

Trek Route

The entire route is split into two sections,

Part 1: 

The long trail runs to Kotamwadi Village to Trimbak through rice paddy fields along the route. After crossing the field, the trail commences its slow climb up hills. Since the trail is in dense forests, it eventually reaches an uninhabited ridge. There are numerous streams that can be observed along the way in the summer. After a short walk along the same route to the plateau. There is also a trail starting from Hareshwadi village which leads to the plateau. From a small lake in Hareshwadi village, the trail leads through open clearings and jungles. When compared to Kotamwadi this trail is less strenuous and easier.

Part II-

From here the famous vertical steps are visible on the plateau. For those who want to bear the cost for this strenuous hike, there’s one small shop near the top of the plateau. The fort’s old location is near the top of a large hill in the rural area. Steps cut by rock of 60.05 metres make the climb very difficult. In many places the steps have worn down. There are numerous notches on each side of the step for keeping the steps in place. The steps can be slippery during rainy seasons.

Things to Remember

  • The hours are 12.30 pm until 2.00 am.
  • You’ll need at least two three litres of water, an emergency kit for first-aid, glucose and other medicines for personal care.
  • If you plan to travel during Monsoon season, don’t wear cotton shirts. Wear lightweight shirts.
  • Make sure you have a valid Photo ID card
  • Also, take along dry food items that are high in calories and are ready for consumption.
  • In Monsoon take a pair of comfortable shoes on and bring an additional pair of socks as well as Winchester.
  • Additionally, carrying a backpack as opposed to a bag with a strap can allow you to be more comfortable climbing.
  • Do not attempt this trek if new to the trek and have any medical issues.

Why You Should Visit Harihar Fort

It’s not just because of Harihar fort, it is also a tourist attraction in Nashik; however, this area is a great place to explore its diverse culture, rich in history, as well as adventure. You can also be introduced to the Yevada Dynasty as well as others who ruled Maharashtra through a visit to the ruins of the fort. Additionally, you can take in the beauty of nature by hiking to the top of the hill.

Best Time to Visit Harihar Fort

The best time to visit Harihar is between the months of July and February. This is the time to take in the beautiful city and the surrounding area from Harihar fort. What is it that you are waiting for? Pack your bags and leave for Hariharfort this coming weekend.

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