Realistic Electric Water

The mere idea of frigid morning showers in the winter season sends shivers down the spine of anybody. Even if you don’t plan on bathing, consider doing your dishes, laundry, and other home tasks in ice-cold water. Warm water is preferable and an instinct relief to cold tap water for splashing on our faces or washing our hands. Even when the weather is beautiful, a warm shower is preferable and soothing. Every residence should have a water heater, or geyser, as they are commonly called. Water heaters are a must-have in Indian settings since there is nothing more comfortable than having hot water available at all times throughout the winter.

Because a water heater is a low-participation device that is only used in the winter, consumer involvement in the purchasing choice is minimal. When it comes to purchasing a geyser, most people choose well-known and well-established brands like Candy Appliances. Some homeowners seek advice from electricians and plumbers before making a final decision. Purchasing a water heater may be a daunting task; thus, you must examine a few key factors to ensure that you do not choose one that does not fit your needs. Let’s look at some factors:

  • Capacity

Before you begin shopping, you must first determine the capacity of the electric water heater based on your hot water requirements. The size of your family, whether it’s a nuclear family or a small one, or even an individual, it creates a huge impact on how much hot water you’ll require on a day-to-day basis. While a modest-capacity geyser will suffice for your kitchen hot water needs, you’ll need a bigger capacity water heater in the bathroom.

When purchasing a water heater, it’s also important to consider the weather. If you live in a region where the winters are really cold, then it’s time to pour money into a large-capacity electric heater so you can have extra hot water on hand.

  • Energy Consumption

BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) ranks electric water heaters on a scale of 1 to 5 as part of the Energy Star program. So, how it works? Well, it’s simple if the number of stars is higher then, the water heater is more energy-efficient. When it comes to water heaters, wattage is not the only factor to be considered when calculating energy usage. Instead, the volume of hot water consumed and the standing losses should be taken into account (heat loss through the sides, bottom, and top). The amount of time it takes a water heater to raise the water temperature by a specific number of degrees is also essential.

  • Safety Features

While water heaters are generally safe to operate, it’s essential to be aware of the hazards and safety features that come standard with a storage water heater. Consider looking for a safety valve that opens to release pressure if the pressure or temperature becomes too high. If something goes wrong with the water heater, then it’ll protect from blowing up.

  • Tank & Heating Element

It’s important to check whether the tank, is in direct touch with the water, and is one of the most significant features to look for in an electric storage water heater. The water heater tank will be more prone to corrosion and scaling if you have hard water in your home. Hard water contains a high concentration of minerals, most often calcium and magnesium, which causes the inner tank to corrode more quickly. When purchasing a water heater, one should check the tank for quality and ensure that it is constructed of anti-corrosive material. It is also crucial to examine whether the water heater’s heating element is corrosion-resistant.

  • Installation in a High Rise Building

High water pressure, a typical factor in high-rise buildings, can damage a water heater’s inner tank and this can lead to leakage. If you reside in a high-rise flat, just ensure that your water heater is equipped with a high-pressure bearing tank.

  • Warranty

When purchasing a water heater, it is essential and a good idea to go with a well-known brand to have complete peace of mind regarding installation, warranty, and after-sales support. You can also buy a water heater from the comfort of your home. After all, you don’t want to be spending money on upkeep and repairs year after year.

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