Superfast Internet Connection

Since 1996, based in Ohio, United States, Buckeye Broadband is a broadband internet, cable, and telecommunication provider. Experience the faster services, explore anything on the internet with a click. Yes! Buckeye Broadband service offers you the best connection quality, which enables you to surf faster over any browser, download any data file within seconds, upload files or share in a matter of seconds. You get to choose from various options for yourself, whether you need them for your personal or want official use.

Make Your Home Smart Home!

With Buckeye Broadband services, you get many benefits that can be used as residential services. The SmartNet service gives you the freedom to use Wi-Fi from any comer of your home and set the protection from multiple types of malware. With the Buckeye Broadband services, you can take over control of your Wi-Fi system and set the limit for children and other users. Combine various devices at the moment without any interference in the quality and speed of the internet.

Work and browse with Superspeed.

When you work, you often need to check out the other portals, your portal, related news, send emails, share data, work, and many other things. And all the work needs better internet connectivity, keeping up your work speed, and having the security of your essential data. Buckeye Broadband service provides you a fast, safe and secure connection. Give your business the connectivity it deserves and make your work done with speed.

There are many other services as well for every type of connection, be it residential or business. You can choose what service you want and pay only for it. You are offered 24*7 availability of customer service at your doorstep.

Get Your Life Digitalized with Buckeye Broadband Service

Make your world go crazy with the bundles of joy and information. Get connected to your friends faster with the Buckeye Broadband connection. Take control of your usage easily by setting the limits for different users. With this connection

  • Surf internet without pause
  • Choose your plan
  • Download Unlimited Files
  • Upload and share data
  • Secure and protected use
  • Connect multiple devices
  • Static IP
  • 24*7 customer support

Know More About Buckeye Services

When you start using any service, you might have considerable doubts or require to know about the benefits a service provider offers you to choose the best.

  1. How can I decide which Buckeye plan is appropriate for me?

Check your internet requirement. How much can you consume in a month? How much work is dependent on the internet? That so many others and accordingly choose from the collection of plans. Also, you can contact our helpline number.

  1. What is SmartNet?

The use SmartNet service makes your home utterly Wi-Fi zone. Use the internet from your comfort of any corner and even connect multiple devices at a time.

  1. What about the protection and assurance of my data and content?

When you use the Buckeye plan, you get the control to set the limit of usage for children and any other user. Also, it provides security from the attacks of malware, saving your data.

  1. Does the Business plan differ from the standard plan?

Yes. The Business plan is made according to the need of business enterprises. The speed and consumption are different from the average user. Also, more connected users are at a place, making a difference in capacities and plans.

Order Your Buckeye Broadband in A Click

Enjoy the speed with the Buckeye Broadband connection. To get one, make a call at the helpline number and start your buffering-free downloading and surfing experience.

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