All work and no play indeed makes our life dull and monotonous. Gaming as a leisure activity has been a part of our life for a long. Over the years, we have come a far way from board games and outdoor games that require the participation of others. Also, gaming experience requirements have changed over the years. 

Gaming innovations like AR and VR games offer an immersive experience to gamers and heightened sensory stimulation. AR and VR games are a much-preferred choice since they offer experiences beyond the limitations of reality. For example, you can enjoy Zombie Hunting games that cannot be otherwise experienced in real life. 

VR Gaming

VR or Virtual Reality games offer a fully immersive experience in the game setting. VR games range from simulators, racing, shooting and much more. You can easily enter into the world of Virtual gaming using a VR headset and controllers. 

VR games allow you to control your movements and provide great audio and visual stimulation. VR games can be played alone or with friends and family. Moreover, the game setting and environment of VR games is entirely safe and can be played indoors. Therefore, you can enjoy VR games comfortably without facing harsh outdoor weather.

AR Gaming

AR or Augmented Reality games are slightly different from VR games. AR games combine Virtual elements with your real-world setting. AR games use your real-time environment to set the game background. AR games can be both single-player or multiplayer games. AR games 

Are VR-AR Games Worth the Hype?

Absolutely!  Statistically, the VR game user base has shown exponential growth and is expected to further grow to 216 million users by 2025. The VR gamer base in India and worldwide is steadily growing and gaining popularity among all age groups. VR-AR games offer a safe and highly immersive gaming experience unmatched by any other gaming. With VR technology, all kinds of sensory stimulation like auditory, visual, smell, and even taste can be created. In a way, one can say that they can experience the gaming world just like they experience the real world.

Where Can I Play VR-AR Games?

Home setups of VR-AR games are easily available in the market. However, these setups can cost you a hefty amount. But, do not be disappointed as there are VR-AR Gaming Arenas that offer a great gaming experience at a reasonable cost. Gaming Arenas provide state of the art VR technology and pieces of equipment that offer an exciting gaming experience. 

Gaming Arenas are a great choice as they offer a wide range of games. In addition, gaming Arenas have special room setups and equipment for all kinds of games like first-person shooting games and even racing. 

Why VR-AR Gaming Arena?

The primary reason why Gaming Arenas are a great choice for experiencing VR-AR games is convenience. You can enjoy VR-AR games with the latest VR equipment in Gaming Arenas like Microgravity without having to spend a fortune. Also, Gaming Arenas prioritise hygiene. Regular cleaning and sanitisation are conducted to ensure that the equipment and rooms are safe for your use.

Are VR-AR Games Suitable For Me?

Yes! VR-AR games do not require you to exhaust yourself physically. Instead, you can experience VR-AR games within a comfortable indoor space. Therefore, irrespective of age, VR-AR games are great for all. You can spend hours playing games with absolute comfort and take breaks in-between when you need it. In Gaming Arenas, you can even ask for demonstrations if you are a first-time VR-AR gamer. Furthermore, in Microgravity Virtual Reality Arena, you can find different games to suit your style. So, whether you are a racing or football enthusiast, you can find a game of your liking in Gaming Arenas. Also, exclusive games like Golf Simulation and 360° Travel can be experienced in these Gaming Arenas with friends and family.

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