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Variety of services is of high demand among the people. Taking those on-demand services to their doorstep is an appreciable process and this makes every service marketplace platform standalone in the digital market. Many leading online service marketplace platforms like Fiverr, Upwork have succeeded and have proved the importance of service marketplace.

This fact has inspired many budding entrepreneurs and all have turned towards this field and are planning to earn more through this platform. But before you build your service marketplace platform you need to check the pre-requisites and should fulfill all the basic requirements. Let us analyze the basic considerations we need to look for.

Understand problems that are faced within your local community

On-demand service marketplace platforms require more professionals who can offer their services to customers. People search for hyper-local marketplaces where they can get services with professionals who are located nearby.

First you need to analyze professionals who are in your local community and find out how they are utilizing their skills. Are they into any job or are they working as a freelancer? By understanding the fact you can easily calculate the scope of your service marketplace platform.

Have a deep market research and know what your consumers expect

Consumers’ expectations are exceeding and every company struggles to meet their expectations. Before you launch your service marketplace platform you need to know who your target audience is and what their demand is. By analyzing these basic aspects you can build your marketplace platform accordingly.

Consumers prefer marketplace platforms that are one-stop solution for all their requirements. So you need to provide multiple services in your service marketplace platform that will grab the attention of the audience and will get you more orders. Keep an eye on your competitors and check what is new in their marketplace software.

Improvise the current demand

Competition is very important for any business. Never think about taking up a product that doesn’t have competition. If there is no competition then it means no demand for that product. Check what strategy your competitors are following and then come with an alternative plan and beat the market with your unique plan.

You need to stand out in the market by providing extensive features with advanced technology. You should also focus on better customer service so that you can defeat your competitor easily. Make sure you stand in the minds of your consumers through extraordinary offers and discounts and increase the demand.

Get to know the pain points that consumers face

Although there are several service marketplace platforms available in the market, still consumers may face many pain points and even service providers will have their own difficulties. You need to analyze their pain points from their perspective and your service marketplace should provide solutions for those pain points.

Many service platforms have the pain point of delivering quality service to consumers. The admin keeps an eye on each service delivered by the service provider and should ensure that they have provided the best service to consumers. When consumers are satisfied then you can easily retain them with your platform else you will lose them to your competitors.

Must have features of service marketplace platforms

Once you have understood the prerequisites of building online service marketplace software, you need to integrate all essential features to make it a more attractive and user-friendly marketplace platform that will result in better conversion.

Feature rich UI & UX

More attention is needed while developing a service marketplace platform. You need to have a user-friendly interface that will make service providers, consumers and the admin to handle the platform effectively.

Customization and Scalability

Any platform needs customization. As customers’ expectations keep changing, your platform should be molded in such a way that your customers will never get bored visiting your service marketplace software again and again. So make sure you have perfect customization options and flexibility to expand through scalability features.

Payment system

Genuine attention is needed while setting the payment system for your service marketplace platform. You need to have familiar gateways integrated with the platform that will facilitate consumers to pay online and get their services. Also you need to provide multiple payment options that will help consumers to make their choice of payment.

Social connect

To make more audiences visit your online service marketplace you need to have connections with all social media platforms. The well-known fact is 80% of our target audience will be active in any of the social media platforms. We need to identify them and to promote your brand on that particular platform and gain the complete attention of your audience.

Messaging and notifications

Always keep your consumers and service providers updated about your platform functionalities, new modules and features. Let them be informed about their orders and let them stay connected and get their services done on time without any confusion. Use push notification to send messages to all user groups.

Reviews and rating system

This is one of the key features that will support you to enhance the performance of the platform. You can directly get feedback from your consumers and this will let you know the quality of the service delivered by the service provider. If your consumers are satisfied they will refer more people to utilize your platform. So never miss any opportunity to get their response about your online marketplace platform.

Mobile friendliness

There is a great transformation of online businesses from desktop accessing to mobile and smart devices accessing. If you want to get hold of a major audience group then ultimately you need to build a mobile-friendly service marketplace platform. Make your audience access your marketplace from their smartphones and this will increase your orders and also revenue.


More patience is required to succeed in your online service marketplace business. More determination is needed and you need to prove your quality and should gain trust and reputation from the audience. Have all essential functionalities and never miss even a single opportunity to impress your consumers.

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