It is said that home is the place where the heart is. There is nothing better than creating a sanctuary where you can relax and have some “me time”. Your home is where you make the most treasured family memories. The current climate of social isolation and social disconnection means that everyone has to spend more time at home. You don’t need to create a grand, cosy interior design to give your home that luxurious look. You can make simple decorative ideas that are both affordable and eco-friendly. Do It Yourself home decor ideas can transform your living space, bedroom, and baby’s nursery.

Mandala Tapestry wall hanging

The living room is where you spend the majority of your time, talking or relaxing. It also serves as the first impression for guests and visitors. You can make your living room look more welcoming and attractive by hanging a wall hanging tapestry in Mandala. This will cover most of the wall behind your sofas. You can give your home a traditional look by making a wall hanging tapestry out of patchwork. This can be dominated by patterns of elephants and other prints. This wall-hanging tapestry is majestic and reflects the decor’s class.

Turn old scraps into decorative items

Recycled plastic bags and clothes can be turned into twine, which can then be used to create handmade rugs. You can make a rock painting project with your kids. Then, turn the pebbles you have into a table decoration pie. You have a growing collection of old mason jars, toilet paper rolls, tins and cartoons that are collecting dust in your home. Start by removing all the clutter from your home. There are many eco-friendly, budget-friendly ways to recycle these items. You could also make many art pieces from them. You can easily make organisers from cardboard boxes, toilet rolls and bulbs. You can transform old boxes into baskets with a little glue and twine. With just a nail and hammer, you can also make charming little lanterns from your metal tins.

Photo collage

A combination of photo collages and memories makes for a great home decor idea. Because of its charming effect, this simple bedroom wall design uses twine, photo prints and lights.


Handcrafted items are beautiful and have a homely feel. These candle holders and lamps will be a great addition to your home decor. They can be arranged in different ways to give your home an elegant look. You can also place the candle holders above the fireplace for a better lighting effect. You can use these candleholders with other handmade decorative pieces. The lit candles serve two purposes. One, they give enough light and the second is to reflect light onto the wall. Your imagination is limitless when it comes to home decor ideas.

Wall decor ideas that are simple and not too artistic

You can DIY if you have extra yarn or popsicle sticks and you don’t have much upcycling. All the materials can be found at your local shop for very low prices. This is what you can do.

Handmade decorative items for bedroom

These are some DIY ideas for bedroom decor. If you have an old glass bottle or mason jar lying around, you can add color and lights to create a lantern for your table. You can also make handmade vases from flowers if you’re more into them.

Get the collection out

We all have a variety of collections, from beautiful fabric bits and wedding china to curiosities and travel postcards. They can be taken out of attics or untouched shelves and hung up on the wall.

These are just a few of the many ways you can decorate your home using handmade items.

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