A HP 1tb Hard Drive is one of those information stockpiling gadgets, which frequently comes to us with alert – to be maneuvered carefully. 

While actual harm to a hard drive costs abundance, the deficiency of significant information saved money on it influences the true serenity. 

Subsequently, among all issues confronted with ATA or SATA Hard Drives of PCs or PCs, some are less known by the commoners. 

How might you fix a hard drive, which isn’t recognized in BIOS 

Most importantly, the analysis of the issue is fundamental for certain reasons. Some of them being: 

Defective or turned off information link 

  • Crippled drive in the BIOS 
  • Inappropriate establishment of Serial ATA/SATA drivers 
  • Drive not getting power 
  • Defective/harmed hard drive 
  • On the off chance that your hard drive has any of the above issues with the exception of fifth, you can embrace the accompanying measures to investigate and resolve them. 

Check for defective or turned off information link 

At the point when an electronic gadget or a piece of it isn’t working, the initial step ought to consistently be to check for legitimate force association or issue in links. 

In some cases, it’s difficult for us to distinguish an issue with information links regardless of whether there is. 

In such occasions, attempt the accompanying: 

  • Reconnect hard drive with information link port 
  • Supplant old information link with new 
  • Interface the hard drive with different work areas/PC 
  • Check if the hard drive is incapacitated in the BIOS 
  • Restart PC and enter framework arrangement (BIOS) by squeezing F2 
  • Check and switch on hard drive location in framework designs 
  • Empower the auto-identification for future reason 
  • Reboot and check if the drive is discernible in BIOS 

Note: New or auxiliary ATA/SATA hard drives won’t be recognized in BIOS until auto-recognition is empowered. 

Fix ill-advised establishment of Serial ATA/SATA drivers There are three manners by which you can refresh drivers: Contact producer for refreshing driver 

Download the refreshed driver from the producer’s site 

Follow the underneath referenced manual interaction to refresh drivers 

For Windows: 

  • Go to ‘Control Panel’ 
  • Select ‘Gadget Manager’ 
  • Pick and snap on the hard drive to extend classifications 
  • Right-click on the name of the hard drive and pick “Update Driver” 
  • In the event that the above strategy falls flat, re-introduce drivers with the assistance of the accompanying measures: 
  • Open ‘Gadget Manager’ 
  • Right-click on the hard drive and ‘Uninstall.’ 
  • From that point onward, restart PC and Windows will naturally reinstall the drivers. 


  • Snap on the Apple in the upper left corner of the screen 
  • Select ‘Programming Update’ 
  • Refresh and reboot 

Drive not getting power 

One of many explanations behind ATA/SATA hard drives not identifying in BIOS could be the inappropriate force supply and along these lines the hard drive not making a twist. 

An error in force or twist can undoubtedly be recognized by following explicit advances


  • Switch off the PC 
  • Eliminate information link from the hard drive 

Switch on the PC and see if the hard drive is turning. You can likewise contact along the edge of the hard drive to check for a slight vibration and murmuring sound. 

Defective/harmed hard drive 

All things considered, comparably much of the time, you would have the option to determine minor ATA/SATA hard drive recognition issues with the assistance of the strategies referenced previously. 

By and by, in the event that you actually think that it is hard to find the fundamental mistake, there are chances of actual shortcoming/harm in the hard drive. In such cases, one should promptly take help from experts. 


Hard drive, being one of the touchy parts merits outrageous alert and care while dealing with. 

On the off chance that a hard drive contains fundamental information, one should quickly take help from information recuperation specialists. 

We, at Stellar, comprehend the significance of your information and henceforth suggest that the hard drive should be worked in Class 100 Clean Lab. 

Regardless of whether you have an issue in the hard drive or harmed it incidentally, information recuperation ought to be your need in case BIOS can’t recognize the hard drive. 

Any further harm could cause you to lose your information until the end of time.

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