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When you want to write a blog post or a book, sometimes it would feel heavy, and can’t get yourself to do it. Well, let me tell you that you are not alone in this. Because it’s normal and happens to most of us. Unless you have been doing it consistently for a while. It would be easy to write more, but if you feel like can’t do it. Also, feel like lacking the motivation to do it. Here is how to get motivated for writing a book or blog post

I’m going to mention some good tips that will help you get into the mindset of writing books or blog posts. Well, bloggers are considered writers. Because we write tons of posts and words. So that is how I’m able to put together the list of tips on how to get motivated for writing.

So, these tips on how to get motivated for writing are for writers in general. And also bloggers. But, you don’t have to be a writer but also if you want to write anything. It’s not a requirement to be one of these two haha. Continue reading to know more about these tips on how to get motivated for writing!

Being a writer is someone who consistently writing but sometimes some people want to write a lot but also want to write and can’t get their mind to write it. Well, these tips will work as well for you. So, I hope you will enjoy reading these tips on how to get motivated for writing

Let’s get started and know what are the tips on how to get motivated for writing!

How to get motivated for writing a book or blog post

1-Get enough sleep

Something you can’t force is being tired. Well, you can drink energy drinks but that won’t be good for your health. Also, for how long this will keep going? having something else to keep awake or not feeling tired. It’s not the best option to do when you want to write.

Before you try to deal with anything in general. Make sure you feeling good because even if you try and if you not feeling good, it will never work. If you don’t have the energy to do something, how could be possible? This also applies to writing as well.

Writing a book or a blog post means using your mind and for that, you need enough sleep. You will find it easy for you to write a lot a day of the book because blog posts don’t take so much time. Well, this is only for something that would take a long time to finish writing. And I mean long as more than 1 and half hours. And blog posts sometimes take that long which needs you to be fully healthy and feeling good.

Short and quick things to write, you can just follow the rest of these tips on how to get motivated for writing and you would be able to get it done. Because it won’t require a lot of energy and thinking. It would be easy for you to write them easily. However, It’s important to follow this first before the rest of the tips on how to get motivated for writing. You can read more about how to fix your sleep schedule and have a better sleep. 

2-Clear your mind

Another good tip on how to get motivated for writing is that if you don’t have the writing mindset. You can clear out all the negative thoughts on your mind. And when something on your mind that make you worry about. Then, make sure to take care of it first before thinking to start writing.

It could be the reason for lacking the motivation for writing and you can gain it back if you clear your mind. And leave nothing to distract you. Whether is negative thoughts or something that should be done before writing. You need to take care of it.

The way how you clear your mind depends on what is it. Negative thoughts could be by replacing it with positive thoughts. Try it to make it positive and locked in. Don’t let negative thoughts get you busy from writing. It’s not how to get motivated for writing.

It might take a little bit to do this and get your mind into writing but it’s easy for you to do it. So, don’t think it’s impossible. Sometimes it’s difficult to deal with thoughts. If you have something to do that bothering you, it might delay the writing and that’s ok. It’s a priority to have a writing mindset.

3-Reading what you want to write

This is something that will help to build the excitement to write. Something I do when I want to write a blog post is because I’m a blogger. Usually, I start reading some of what I want to write before I start writing. And that helps me to warm up. It’s like anything in the world, would be great to warm up for a good and nice start.

You will feel that you want to write as you keep reading them. Well, you can read them out loud or in your mind for a minute or two. Just to get your mindset into writing and then it would be easy to continue. I usually read it out loud and I feel I get more words doing that than being silent. Even when I start writing.

Also, doing that, and especially, reading out loud is going to help you avoid having negative thoughts. Because when you do it. Your mind could be distracted by what you reading and writing. It might sound a bit weird when others see you, haha but they would understand what you are doing. And that’s one of the best tips on how to get motivated for writing.

If you don’t feel like doing it, or don’t have the motivation to do it. This will help because it helps me as well. Especially, books because there are a lot of things that will be written and could have a lot of exciting things to read haha.

4-Give yourself a good reason

A purpose can be an incentive to get your mind into writing. Try to think about what you are going to write and remind yourself why. What is the purpose of writing the book or blog post? And, how helpful can be for other readers. Sometimes we forget but it’s important to think of that.

For us, it’s our job and also the content we write is something helpful to others. Helping others is the best you would do. If it’s not enough to write that content, you might need to figure out what is the problem haha.

And for books, I would imagine it’s fun and also get tons of great feedback doing what you love. Other people also enjoy reading that book. Get featured in the book stores or book reviews for having a great book. A lot of great reasons for writing that one book you have in your mind. They can change lives as well. So that’s a great purpose to get your mindset into writing. And how to get motivated for writing.

Well, talking about any other things, I’m sure you will have a reason to do it, and thinking about it reminding yourself is going to help get that writing mindset. I’m assuming you have a deadline writing, which is another purpose of why you need to get it done. So I highly recommend that you don’t be lazy and get it done. It won’t take much time.

If you don’t have a good reason, you can set one a good one. Maybe change the topic but I’m sure whatever you picked to write about is going to have good benefits to others but you need to think about it and remind yourself. Well, it’s an important step to how to get motivated for writing.

5-Make it easy and simple for you

Sometimes people would lose motivation because it’s long or don’t know how to start. Maybe you can’t your mind around the topic. However, running away from it won’t solve anything. Rather try to make it easy and simplify it for you.

First, you would keep reminding yourself that it’s easy and you can do it. Even though it’s long or difficult, I believe in you and I’m sure you will get it done. No matter what it is, there is always a way to make it easy and simple. Don’t keep thinking otherwise. So this way, you can start writing and get that writing mindset. Then when you keep writing, things would get easier for you.

It’s all about the start even after getting done with one writing session. Starting another writing session would require this unless you already made it simple and easy for you to keep going until you finish the book or blog post. Well, for bloggers, there are no writing sessions like book writers haha. It takes less time than writing a long book.

You might have a negative thought that as ” it will be difficult to write it or it will take a long time” However as I mentioned, try to change it by thinking again that it’s going to be easy and as you keep writing, it will be easier and faster to finish writing.


Once you start writing, it will be smooth and fast. Because your mind is locked in. But also, don’t get distracted by other things. It might slow you down.

I hope you found these tips helpful. Also, would like to know how do you get your writing mindset and write your book or blog post? And if you follow any of these tips on how to get motivated for writing. Which one do you think helps the best to do the job? 

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