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Wedding day is a special day in everyone’s life. It is the day of cherishing moments and opportunities of creating priceless memories for a lifetime. Such characteristics are easily found in Indian Weddings due to their lavish events and colorful rituals. For a professional Indian Wedding Videography Melbourne, Cine Wedding Stories is at your service to shoot videos of these rich traditions for crafting timeless memories.

Melbourne Indian Community 

The population of Indians is growing rapidly in Australia, with the number of Indians growing by thirty percent in recent years. Indian migrants have a particular love for Melbourne. In the Victorian capital, there are more Indian migrants as residents as compared to any other city in Australia. The Indian community is certainly present in strong numbers here and can be observed all around the city, from Indian restaurants to grocery stores. The strong existence of the Indian community can easily be found in the region of Dandenong, Footscray, and Docklands.

Weddings of Indians in Melbourne

The culture of India is popularly known for its rich tradition and customs. An Indian Wedding whether it takes place in Mumbai or Melbourne would reflect a similar rich culture. Indian Weddings are famous to have large and lavish celebrations. Family and community play a key role in Indian culture and it is highly reflected in the time of wedding ceremony. Although Indian weddings which take place in Melbourne are quite similar to those that are in Mumbai, there are some key differences.

  1. Indian Wedding in Melbourne is a mixture of Western and Indian traditions.
  2. The guests are more expected to sit and pay full attention to the ceremony, taking place in Melbourne as compared to Mumbai.
  3. Indian Wedding Videography in Melbourne is obliged to highlight the significance of both Indian traditions and Western customs. 

Some Traditions of Indian Wedding

Several traditions in an Indian Wedding must be captured during Indian Wedding Videography in Melbourne. Some of those wedding significant features are as follows:

  1. Multiple Day Weddings

According to Indian Tradition, a wedding lasts for several days whereas in the West it lasts for only a single day. Usually, an Indian wedding is covered in three days. These three days include the Ganesh pooja ritual, Mehndi, Sangeet, Barat, and Reception.

     2. Families Uniting Together

 An Indian Wedding is not just a union of a couple but its about two families uniting together. The role played by families in the wedding is of real significance.

  3. Ceremony Taking Place in Mandap

The wedding ceremony must take place under a canopy known as Mandap. It is particularly built up for the ceremony. It is decorated with fabrics, flowers, and curtains. The pillars of the Mandap symbolize the parents of the couple.

 4. Attire on an Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are rich in colors, from ceremonial decorations to the bride’s dress. Guests of the wedding are commonly attired in bright, colorful outfits. Female guests will wear bright and catchy colors saris and lehengas. Wearing black or white at an Indian wedding is deemed disrespectful, as these colors are associated with a negative connotation.

Bottom Line

Wedding ceremonies and celebrations of Indians are lavish, colorful events that are rich in tradition. To capture and preserve timeless moments of an Indian wedding ceremony, Cine Wedding Stories is at your service. As there are many special moments that occur across many days of ceremonies and rituals. 

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