One of a kind high-speed internet service, HughesNet provides the internet facility, which serv via satellite. The satellite orbiting in space always remains in sync with the earth and receives the signal for the website you requested to open and results within seconds. The technology of getting the connection directly via satellite is so advanced that it can give links even to the remote areas where even cables do not go.

Get the most of the Internet

Book HughesNet internet connection with:

  • The latest technology, high bandwidth
  • 50% greater capacity connecting all devices at home
  • Monitoring and securing data

Surf the Internet Fast with HughesNet

Search about any information over the Internet in a more secure and faster way with the HughesNet internet service, serving majorly in the United States and across the whole world with the help of live satellite.

Have a look at the best factors of services by HughesNet:

  1. Availability: With direct satellite service, it reaches out to even the remote areas giving the proper connection without any cable connectivity. You can different setup of WiFi connection for the guests.
  2. Pricing: Choose the plans according to your needs or office requirements. The speed is guaranteed to be the fastest with every project. As per your different purposes, ask for the program, including a double bonus plan or data saver plan.
  3. Internet Speed: The latest technology use with the use of dual bandwidth of 802.11ac. You can surf the Internet anytime at high speed from any corner of your home or your office. Increase the number of devices connected without getting the rate affected.
  4. Customer Satisfaction: As per the stats, in 2017, about 60% of the market was held by HughesNet, a service giving the pleasure of internet connection to remote areas without wires.

Make a Wish by CallĀ 

Get the best speed internet connection for your home or office without the tension of massive cables and wires. Call HughesNet helpline number and bring the speed to your work and home.

Services of HughesNet that set a standard:

  1. Built-in WiFi: This service lets you connect multiple devices with a WiFi connection simultaneously with the security of your data.
  2. No hard Limits- You can search unlimited with the speed and the data provided within the plan. There is no hard limit set for usage.
  3. Hughes Net Mobile App: Use the HughesNet mobile application to check your bill, track data and performance, and much more. Install the application on any iOS or Android device.

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