Some interesting facts about Christmas that you should know!

Christmas is one of the most special occasions, especially for the kids. They eagerly wait for the arrival of Christmas as on this delightful day they get amazing gifts from the one and only Santa Claus. But do you know that there are some unique and unknown facts about Christmas? We have come up with some interesting facts about the speciality of the Christmas celebration. So on this winter holiday, apart from getting gifts for your kids, share some interesting deets with them about this wonderful occasion. Listed below are some of the fascinating facts about Christmas, that you can share with your kids. 

  • Baby Jesus got some great gifts when He was born:

A radiant star sparkled in the sky on the birth of Lord Jesus. At that moment, three emperors made an extended journey to the place where Jesus was born by following that bright star. They carried multiple gifts like aromatic resin, oils and a few gold ornaments. 

  • The Christmas garland is a symbol of affection and eternity:

The Christmas garland is the symbolism of the woven crown of thorns. Jesus word this crown and ultimately the colours like green, gold and red were added. The red colour symbolises Jesus’s blood, the green colour represent life, and lastly, the gold colour symbolises light and supremacy. And the greenness that is used in making the wreath represents the progression of nature and life even during the darkened winter days. You can order delicious Christmas cakes for your special ones, thereby adding some more delight to the celebration.

  • Santa Claus receive gifts too!

Yes, you heard us right! Even though Santa carry tons of gifts for the kids, he receives gifts too. Now you must be thinking that who must be offering gifts to Santa? Well, it’s us! Just like you receive gifts from Santa, you can grant some goodies to him too. However, Santa doesn’t expect any fancy gifts. The only gift that he wishes to get is some cookies and milk, which will be helpful and keep him active and satiated throughout his trip. 

  • Santa Claus was recognised as Sinterklaas in Dutch:

For kids, Christmas is all about getting special and desirable gifts from Santa Claus. But do you know, how did Santa come into being? The Identity of Santa Claus is related to St. Nicholas. According to some mythology, St. Nicholas was a Christian clergyman who donated for the miserable and needy. He also adored kids and relished lending gifts to them quietly. As his tale stretched, he came to be known as Sinterklaas in Dutch, which later fitted as Santa Claus. Apart from this, you can send flowers to Noida or any other city of your choice, and give a lovely surprise to your special ones this Christmas. 

  • Santa Claus did not always wear red clothes:

Earlier, Santa Claus was dressed in clothes that were in purple, green, or blue. For multiple years, this was the popular theme for the cheerful old man at the North Pole. Nonetheless, Coca Cola chose to deck him up in colours that resemble their logo and that got glued. So this is the reason he is eternally in red apparel now!

  • The ‘Red-Nosed Reindeer’ has companions too!

So you and your children must be knowing about Rudolph, the reindeer with the red nose, who pulls the sleigh of Santa on the Eve of Christmas. Have you heard about the other reindeers? It would have been a bit difficult for Rudolph independently to pull Santa’s sleigh. It is jam-packed with gifts to the brink for every decent child in the world, and Rudolph can’t yank that all by himself. The most interesting part is Rudolph is known to be the ninth reindeer of Santa. 

  • Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ:

Christmas is a Christian fiesta that is commemorated by the Christians for the birth of Jesus Christ towards the year-end. The Roman Catholic Church decided to celebrate the birthday of Lord Jesus on 25th December. And since then, this particular eve has been celebrated all across the country with full gusto. 

  • Ancient Romans and Egyptians were the first ones to use the Christmas tree:

The Christmas tree came into existence by the Romans and the Egyptians. They used special trees like pine or fir trees, bouquets, and garlands. And the design of new Christmas trees began in the 16th century in Germany. Rather than the flashy adornments that we spot on them in recent times, they were adorned with nuts and fruits. 

  • Meaning of X-mas:

The meaning of X-mas denotes Christmas. The use of the word ‘Xmas’ goes back to the era of the 16th century. The ‘X’ in the term Xmas derives from the historical Greek vocabulary. According to Greek, Christ starts with the alphabet X. So, therefore Xmas means Christmas.

So these are some of the interesting and unknown facts about Christmas that you must come across and teach your kids about these details as well.

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