Sondai Fort Trek


Sondai Fort Trek is a must-see place for Maharashtra residents and visitors to Pune. The sight of sunrise and sunset at this location is a sign of good fortune. It can be seen during winter months from December to March. You will also find scenic spots like Nagzira, Islampur, or Pingala Nagar along the trek route. The trek is not difficult, however.

Sondai fort trekking is 22km long and starts in Wanawadi, Pune district. It ends at Prabalgad Fort in the Maval area. You will not be permitted to enter the fort if you have completed the Sondai Fort trekking, which is at 1,384m above sea level.

We have compiled a complete itinerary for this fort hike, starting with transportation and ending with the tour leader.

Transport required for 22 km Sondai Fort trek

Wanawadi village is close to Pune city. It is only 10 kms away. Therefore, it is easy for you to arrange transportation. There are also private transport options, but it is possible to book your vehicle through an agent. The “Full itinerary” section below outlines the best ways to arrange your transportation.

The best time to trek is December-March (best time).

You can trek to Sondai fort from December through March, when the weather is not too hot and pleasant. This is the best time to go on the trek as it is mild and not crowded. This trek can be done in one day, and you can also visit Nagzira wildlife sanctuary which is home to many animals such as leopards or tigers.

You may feel cramped if you go to the other months. However, they have more pleasant weather than the other months. If you have a tight budget, you can plan your trip in January or February. However, if money is not an issue, December and January are great months to trek the Sondai fort.

Here is the complete itinerary for the 22-kilometer Sondai Fort Trek in Pune

Day 1: 

Check-in at Pune airport early in the morning if you have the ticket. This is the best time to begin this trek. After your hotel booking is complete, the private transports will be waiting at Wanawadi village in Pune. After you have taken a scenic ride in a rickshark, you will arrive at Prabalgad Fort by evening. They will drop you off after you are done trekking and then drive you back to Wanawadi village.

You will find your hotel in the village, and you can have dinner there.

Notes for your journey

You can travel to Wanawadi village by air if you have the ticket. In such cases, you will need to pay accommodation. It is possible that the room might not be available at such short notice.It is preferable to book your room ahead of time. If possible, you might also consider an overnight stay in Wanawadi village.

Day 2: 

After breakfast, get up early to begin your 22 km Sondai Fort Trek from Wanawadi village. This trek takes approximately 5 hours. To ensure that you can complete the trek before sunset, it is important to eat a good breakfast. This trek is easy to moderate and poses no major obstacles.

If you travel from December to April, you will enjoy the stunning scenery along the route. You must spend at least 2 hours in the Nagzira wildlife refuge to see most of the animals. If you really want to know more about these animals, book a guide at the hotel. He will take you along for at least an hour of his time.

It is easy to follow and the guide will provide detailed instructions. You can camp at many places, including some with fire pits, to warm up during cold nights or winter. You can also choose to drink local water streams, as this trek isn’t too difficult.

Time Overview

05:00 AM: Get picked up at WEH Borivali, near the National Park Bus Pick-up Point, to begin this adventure.

Pick-up Points:

05:30 AM: Andheri 

05:50 AM: Bandra (beside Big bazar)

06:00 AM: Dadar (Mahatma bridge near hiranandani)

06:15 AM Borivali (NH8 Kurla behind Iskon Building)

07:00 AM – 08:00 AM: Reach Wanavadi, the base village. Take in the stunning view from Wanawadi village’s terrace. At 8 am, depart for trekking. To reach Sondai fort, you will need to trek approximately 5 hours. In 5 hours, you will cover 22 kms.

From 10:00 AM to 12:00PM: Reach Sondai Fort. From here, you can enjoy the view of Prabalgad Fort. If you want to trek even further, you can go towards Prabalgad Fort.

12:20 PM – 2PM: Lunch at Wanawadi, the base village. Order food ahead of time and they’ll have it ready for you. If you plan to spend the night in Nagzira and Prabalgad, make sure to bring a lunch.

2 PM – 4:30 pm: Departure to Prabalgad Fort or Nagzira, depending on the day trip plan.


This was an overview of how to complete the trek of 22 km Sondai Fort in Pune. You are welcome to ask any questions, and we will gladly answer them.

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