At the initial process stage of making any business a legal entity, you need to create an Article of Incorporation or Article of Organization after filing. There are four types of business structures; an LLC, C Corporation, S corporation, or a Non-profit Corporation, out of which only one can attain as per your needs. When you submit the information for registering, it contains the name of the Business, agent’s name, name of business partners, other valid and essential details with the effective date on which your company started.

With the evolution of Business over a while, you will notice that your company’s name is no more suitable as per the services provided by your company or need to have changes in your leadership team. You would need to fill a form for an Article of Amendment to report the state secretary with your Article of Organization or Articles of Incorporation if the information mentioned is altered by any significant event. Take the help of experts for the formal procedure and let it done without any tension for the benefit of it.

Need to File an Amendment?

Get Expert Help to handle the paperwork.

You need to file for an Article of Amendment for the following changes in information:

  • When a director, official person, or a member is added or removed in LLCs
  • If you want to change the address of the Business or in LLC
  • When the authorized share number needs to be changed, which is issued by a corporation.
  • When the conducted activities by LLC or a corporation need to alter.

What changes in Business can count for filing a form for Article of Amendment?

An Amendment form is to be filled with the state secretary when you make changes in your Business, like:

  • When you want to change the name of the company
  • When you need to update the contact information of the registered agent.
  • Address of the new business company
  • Need to change the word or other information of the Director or any other member
  • Some of the shares are authorized.
  • Any change in business activities.


Suppose you need to modify any information listed above. In that case, you can change it by simply filing for an Amendment, but you cannot change the date of filing, organizer, or incorporator with it. Also, with the use of an Article of Amendment, you cannot change the registered agent. To make mentioned changes hassle-free, contact a professional.

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