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Lab grown diamonds may be the ultimate symbol of eternal love, so naturally they’re some of the most popular engagement rings on the market right now. However, there are many misconceptions about lab-grown diamonds, which can lead to a lot of confusion over how they relate to traditional mined diamonds and how they were formed. If you’re looking to purchase a lab grown diamond rings , it’s important to understand its history and significance before you go shopping. That way, you can make sure that your special purchase represents everything you hope it will about your relationship and your commitment to one another!

They grow a sustainable product

When a traditional diamond is mined, it takes up to one million tons of earth. This can destabilize local ecosystems and permanently damage local farmlands and farmland. In addition, many diamonds are mined in conflict zones where children are often forced to work under dangerous conditions. If you’re buying a lab grown diamond earrings for an anniversary or wedding ring, make sure it’s conflict-free. With lab grown diamonds, neither of these issues is an issue because they’re manufactured in laboratories using equipment that recycles heat energy created by nuclear reactors! That’s why they can offer a stunning product at such a low price point – there’s no harm done to people or nature along the way!

Their processes are eco-friendly

Unlike traditional diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are not mined—meaning they’re completely free of any human rights abuses or environmental damage. And because they’re a byproduct of research, they’re also eco-friendly—they contain no carbon footprint whatsoever. As a bonus, there’s also no blood on your hands: if you have a conscience (and we assume you do), that can be a huge relief. In addition to all these benefits, one of our favorite aspects about lab-grown diamonds is their incredibly low cost—it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to own one! Because so many people are interested in purchasing them for gifts , prices have been dropping and dropping; soon enough, most will be able to afford them.

They have the same scratch resistance as natural diamonds

Let’s talk about conflict diamonds. Those are what they call diamonds that have been mined in conflict regions and sold to support rebel warlords, right? Well, it turns out those aren’t actually a thing anymore. Thanks to environmental and societal changes, we haven’t seen a conflict diamond in over a decade. Now lab grown diamonds are how real companies—like Venus Jewelry—are making an impact on social issues like poverty around the world. It all starts with being part of something bigger than yourself. No matter what you choose to do in life, doing something good for others is always important, but especially when you get paid for it!

Their jewelry is gorgeous

You might be surprised to learn that it’s difficult to differentiate between mined and lab grown diamond jewelry . Like their mined counterparts, they are created deep in the earth and have no enhancements or treatments (think conflict free). Some of their intrinsic qualities may even be better, like their color and clarity. However, one benefit that you can only get from a lab-grown diamond is that you can customize your stone in terms of size, shape, cut and color without any limitations. This means you can get something truly unique for your partner! Because lab-grown diamonds aren’t mined from below ground, there is no impact on our environment—which means no negative effects on animal habitats or rainforests.

part of the solution

You might not know it, but you already have a direct impact on our natural environment. Every time you drive to work or your grocery store, for example, you’re adding carbon dioxide to our atmosphere. But by choosing lab-grown diamonds over mined ones, you are reducing demand for mined diamonds and thus eliminating some of that impact. Since lab grown diamonds don’t need additional resources to grow, you can also rest assured that there will be a positive environmental impact as well. In essence, buying lab-grown diamonds provides both an economic benefit and a sustainable benefit.

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