plastic water tank

A water tank is a reservoir or container used to store a specific amount of water. You can use the collected water both commercially and domestically.

Water is essential, and it is important to choose a tank that is both sturdy and long-lasting in order to keep the water safe from bacteria and harsh environmental conditions. A water tank is a commonly useful item that you can find in almost every home, industry and agricultural farm nowadays. It is an efficient, quick, and cost-effective method for providing water storage and distribution to infrastructures that do not have access to natural groundwater sources. 

However, when it comes to purchasing a water tank, many people do not pay enough attention. As a result, you may receive a product that is not appropriate for your needs. 

Since the introduction of plastic water tank in the market, it has become the most employed material for their manufacture. This is because it’s budget-friendly, long-lasting, and sturdy.


Advantages of Plastic Tanks over Traditional Tanks

  • Lightweight- In comparison to traditional steel water storage tanks, polymer water storage tanks are light in weight. 
  •  Simple to Install- Polymer Water Storage Tanks are simple to install because they don’t require any exterior components such as steel rings at the bottom. Polymer tanks can be placed on any surface level as long as no sharp objects are underneath them.
  • Rust-free: During climatic changes, steel water storage tanks rust a lot, and you have to replace them with new ones, which is a time-consuming and expensive task. On the other hand, a Polymer Water Storage Tank is a suitable option because it is resistant to rust.

Let us assist you in compiling a checklist of things that you should be aware of while looking for the best water tank manufacturer for your home.

  • Material: Water tanks are available in a variety of materials such as cement, iron, plastic, etc., depending on your budget and other requirements. Water tanks that are used for storing potable water should be made from toxin-free plastic material. Vectus offers a variety of European Standard Tanks that are protected by multiple layers. 

Vectus cool is designed with four layers of protection to keep water safe, cool, and pure at all temperatures. In addition to their high storage capacity, ease of handling and installation, and low cost of ownership, their multi-layer water tanks are also safe for storing drinking water.

  • Storage Capacity:  The water tank should be of a significant capacity to effectively store the water required to meet your family’s needs. While you have multiple options to choose any tank you wish, it is recommended that you choose one based on the available space in your home. Tanks that are rectangular or square in shape can be placed in corners to make the most of available space. Cylindrical tanks, on the other hand, are the most effective for covering huge regions. Our water storage tanks are available in various sizes, forms, colors, and capacities according to your requirements. 
  • Installation: The water tank must either beon the ground level, above the ground level, or below the ground level. Water tanks put above the ground have an impact on water pressure, which in turn affects the delivery of water. Overhead water tanks are typically used for daily water requirements, while water tanks are located below ground level and used for emergency water storage. Vectus offers a variety of overhead and underground tanks that are simple to install, handle, and utilize for various applications, including everyday consumption and storage.
  • Color and Aesthetics: Distinct sorts of colors appeal to different aesthetics in different people. Choose tanks that do not compromise on the safety and preservation of water while being pleasing to the eye in terms of color and appearance, as this is a significant consideration. For this reason, it is important to select tanks that combine aesthetics with water protection in a seamless manner. Vectus overhead tanks are available in a variety of colors, which makes them both functional and aesthetically beautiful.


  • The most reasonable price:  The price is usually the most important item to look at when purchasing something. Water tanks are available in various configurations; consequently, it is advisable to research market costs before buying any particular water tank. Knowing the prices and the current market state for the products will assist you in selecting the highest-quality product that will not ultimately exceed your budget. Water tanks are typically not expensive; however, they incur additional costs during the transportation and installation processes.

Besides producing a wide range of water storage tanks for agricultural, industrial, and residential use, Vectus is one of the leading PVC pipe manufacturer. We are dedicated to making your house a more comfortable place to live.


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